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Open studio/ Péter Szabó (HU)

drawing, conceptual art

Meet Péter Szabó, the current resident of the Gallery Školská 28, and view his long-term project “My Last Three Years.” The artist in person will we working on his project in the gallery from 18-22 August daily from 5pm to 8 pm.
Szabó’s large-format drawings comment on the the current socio-political situation in Hungary. The author collects newspaper photographs of public protests, turning them into digital collages that serve as a basis for a monumental documentary sketchbook. The drawings reflect economic issues, problems of social exclusion and the manipulation of images in the political process. The project will also produce a book on “the history of social actions,” in newspaper format, which the author plans to sell at an affordable price in the gallery.

A meeting with Péter Szabó can be arranged in advance by writing jackietriste@yahoo.co.uk.

Péter Szabó (born 1978, Romania) is an intermedia and conceptual artist living and working in Hungary. He studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, and at the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts, Budapest. He uses a wide range of media including drawing, objects, installation and social action. His work often comments the current political and social situation in Hungary. The artist has participated in many residency programs in countries such as Great Britain, Germany, Romania, Austria, and Poland; and he has also exhibited in the Czech Republic (Loophole to Happiness, Futura, Prague 2011), the Slovak Republic and Spain. Under the pseudonym Jackie Triste he also makes electronic music.

Péter Szabó is supported by Visegrad Artist Residency Program - Visual & Sound Arts.