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Hole Gallery

Papermill Velké Losiny 2015

Stanislav Abrahám, Morgan O'Hara
Wed 2.9. - 18:00

Unprocessed field recordings by Stanislav Abrahám from the paper mill at Velké Losiny made during Morgan O’Hara’s Live Transmissions, which took place there in July 2015.

Among the sounds recorded: machines churning water containing paper pulp, bubbling, swishing and dripping water, water pouring from a hose onto a cement floor, rollers flat-finishing the paper, problem-solving communication between the workers, air bubbling to the surface when dried paper is put into a sizing mixture, the steam machine generating heat and canvas barrel rollers of the drying machine, hissing pipes, pressing machines, old doors opening and closing, chains dropping on cement floors, creaking of 400-year-old wooden stairs. The drawings on the west wall of the Školska 28 Gallery at the parallel exhibition were made by tracking the movement of these machines as well as the papermakers' hand movements during various operations.

Audio format: 48k 246-bit WAV

Types of recording:
A: 2 channel stereo
B: 3 channel (1x stereo and 1 mono shotgun microphone)

Special thanks to the Agosto Foundation and paper mill Velké Losiny.