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Petra Slabá: Raw Christmas pastry “bake” workshop

Hungry for something new? Want to refresh your body, cleanse your organism and unlock your energy? Come for inspiration: taste and prepare traditional Czech Christmas pastries in a raw variation. All recipes will be handed out to participants.
Sun 11.12. - 10:00

Like a great poet or composer who overwhelms his contemporaries with a masterpiece, Petra Slabá also intends to wow the culinary and foodie world with her recipes. She wants to show everyone what superb and tasty artistic creations can be produced from the simplest ingredients of Mother Earth – without any cooking!
Sign up to the workshop at info@tibetopenhouse.cz.

Workshop: CZK 1,500

Tibet Open House is a long-term project of the Linhart Foundation, which carries out activities both in Asia (India, Vietnam) and the Czech Republic. From 2017, the Školská 28 Communication Space will host exhibitions and spiritual programs that foster an international cultural dialogue.