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Piotr Tkacz & Patryk Lichota + release party of new album of Federsel & Mäkelä

Sun 9.3. - 19:30

Federsel & Mäkelä

Czech-Finnish experimental music project, established 2010, consists of Federsel (B4, Gurun Gurun, Handa Gote, Radio Royal) and Mäkelä (Läski, Sabotanic Garden, The Spermbankers).

Music of duo is rooted in traditional freak-out, psychedelia, bizzarre free jazz, noise and blend of blues, rock and electronica. Federsel & Mäkelä are musical anarchists and home recording enthusiasts. They use wide variety of vintage instruments and home made electronic devices as well as music ready-mades and objects.

Two years ago they released their first CD An Evening With Federsel & Mäkelä trough Czech Label Polí5 and launched their own micro label Meteorismo in 2014, with new album Fresh And Wild.

Interview in English

Patryk Lichota and Piotr Tkacz have been collaborating in various ways since they first met in 2007. They improvise as a duo and in various ensemble such as Kurort and Stupor, they host a weekly show at a students’ radio station in Pozna? and they organize FRIV, festival devoted to improvised music. In 2009 their album was released by Audiotong. Now they are going to present a new approach to their duo with laptop and turntable set-up.

Patryk Lichota - musician, composer, improviser, sound engineer.

He plays on saxophones, theremin, zither, bass guitar and laptop. He is an author of radio plays and music for theatre. Together with Marta Romaszkan he produced a dance performance “Starving Mirrors”. Later on he created a dance performance “Strange Loop”, based on Douglas Hofstadter’s theory of mind and consciousness. He is the founder and leader of audio-visual collective KakofoNIKT and also a member of such bands as Posoka and Trip Muad’diba. He has recorded and/or performed with: Blanka Dembosz, Clayton Thomas, Alfredo Costa Monteiro, Piotr Me?ech, Kristin Norderval, John Hegre, Jeff Gburek, Jakub Paczkowski, Adam Go??biewski, Rafa? Zapa?a.

Piotr Tkacz - journalist, improviser, promoter, dj. He is involved in such projects as Radioda (with Miko?aj Tkacz), Revue svazu ?eských architekt? (with Hubert Wi?czyk), Tirips (with Aleksandra Grünholz). His other collaborators include Alice Hui-Sheng Chang and Seiji Morimoto. In the context of improvised music he uses turntable, objects and radio. As DJ 2 Lewe R?ce he showcased his lack of skills in such cities as Pozna?, Warsaw, Wroc?aw, Toru?, Lublin, Prague, Ostrava, Oslo and would like to expand.


Entry Fee: 80 Kč – Reduced: 60 Kč

Federsel Mäkelä


Patryk Lichota
Piotr Tkacz