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Discussion Concert Performance Presentation

Presentation of the book Hlavou zeď 2011 / Mateřídouška Live a-v

Úvahy nad civilizací a její budoucností
Mon 21.11. - 19:30

The Anthology head of wall 2011 Considerations of civilizations and the future of the Proceedings is the first attempt to introduce readers to the thinking of several selected Czech personalities-the representatives of the current science, culture, spiritual, philosophical and other guidelines. Proceedings should be determined both for readers looking for scientific knowledge, and for those who are interested in information in the field of futurology and the human imagination.

What is the future of our civilization? Is really the "end of history"?
What is the future of money, have some value and make sense?
Should documents on human rights contain the "right to die"?

What's waiting in the Singularity us, individual human beings? May be called into question the sovereignty of the State under the pretext of the fight against terrorism and for the protection of human rights?
Representation of the authors: Ivan m. Havel, Jozef Kelemen, Stanislav Komárek, Luboš Kropáček, Antonín. Líman, Milan Nakonečný, Tomáš Sedláček, Jan Sokol, Josef Stehlík, Marek Vácha

Audiovisual performance:Materidouska.
Mateřídouška connects digital music, singing, animation, costumes, objects and body motion into specfic personal performance. Our music style is mixture of ambient, hc, trip hop, click´n´cut, metal and sometimes moravian folklor.
Absolvents of Faculty of fine arts,Brno Tereza Damcová (vocal, visual art, performance, video concept ) and Jiri Suchánek (music, animation, camera, edit).

Organized by nakladatelství Dybbuk.


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Hlavou zeď 2011