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Book Launch

Psí víno 74 & Julinko

Wed 27.1. - 19:00

What is the most material form of poetry? How poems are written on the tree. Is writing a sin? Where boxes with peace occur? Is it criminal to drive vehicles after drinking Psí víno

The topic of the 74. issue of magazine for contemporary poetry Psí víno is poetry outside printed pages and alongside established names you can find also new authors this time in unprecedented concentration. For example Jiří Ladislav Čech, Borjana Dodova, Šimon Leitgeb, Marie Šťastná, Ondřej Frýdl, Jakub Zvoníček, Leopold Němec, Pierre Joris, Camilla Nelson, Wojciech Bonowicz, Dan Sociu or Kila ven der Starre. In critical column we pay attention to the best czech poems, dash in the body, interface and fragile compilation, not carry across.

Come to pick up the print and listen some readings live, Voise, music, video and from 18?45 also open mic (bring your own poem). The evening will close performance by Julinko band.

Julinko are singer with tempting voice and accompanying musician Carlo Veneziano. Dark drone folk, which search for inspiration in the middle of woods. Raw, lo-fi guitars with almost transcendental, echoing sound are supported by slow deliberate atmosphere of ghosts, mist and shadows.

The evening is organized by the magazine for contemporary poetry Psí víno in cooperation with Školská 28 gallery