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Screening Discussion

Pure Mobile / Dolce Vita

Monika Fryčová - author’s video screening, discussion
Tue 6.5. - 19:30

Monika Fryčová ferries 20 kg of traditional iceland goodies (salt dried bacalhau da Islândia fishes) on her icelandic vespa - small motorbike, traveling only via small local roads. Dried and salt fish meat keeps source of energy even under unfavorable conditions. It is naturally conserved to be at anytime utilized. Technology, which is very traditional and basically very simply reached its perfectness. It became specific local knowledge, which doesn't need fundamental change, because it is insurmountable.

Unbelievable long journey in 50 km per hour speed began in east Iceland in Seyðisfjörður and continued over european centres in Denmark, Germany, Austria and other countries up until Largo do Intendente gallery in Lisboa. The Artist is now on the way back to Iceland. During the evening in Školská 28 gallery author will present continuously rising road movie documenting events of this ostensibly utopian "mission" and motives of the whole idea.

Monika Fryčová left her art school in Brno by "ready made" Trabant car towards Iceland already years ago. Her artistic nomadism predicted character of her work. She is insider traveller, charming performer and also private ethnographer. Her longterm projects come out casually from instant inspirations and serious contexts. She makes audiovisual projects and performances, where the sound, video and poetry constantly mutually oscillate. Her projects are usually long-term and have social aspects. The artist works primarily in Iceland, Portugal and in Brno in Czech Republic.