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Main Gallery

Radio soireé

Wed 7.5. - 20:30

Sounding Prague. Live stream na: rtsp://proud.beroun.amu.cz/live

An evening program of a live radio broadcast from the Školská Gallery

An invitation for all current and past residents of Prague who became fond of certain sounds of locations or situations which were likely to stick in memory, such as:
the movement of rail cars at night in the Vršovice freightyard
the creaking of a swan's wings flying over the May the First Bridge on a November morning
the crackling of ice underfoot in winter on the track at the Dukla Praha football field in Pohořelec
the wheezing of of the gas lamps lighting up on Dušná Street in Old Town
the tossing of empty bottles into the bin, a thrush song, and local radio in the market at Holešovice
the whoosh and quiet throb of the last parcel in the Prague pneumatic post
the cursing of the tourist coach drivers on Old Town Square
the echo of the excited voices of an unknown couple walking down in the pedestrian tunnel from Žižkov to Karlín
the wistful blast of a steam boat from Emperor's Meadow
the cracking of barely-audible electromagnetic discharges on tram line no. 1 stopping at Krejcárek
the disquieting rustling sound of a deserted tomb with no legible name at Olšanský cemetery
the roar of Antonov airplanes over Prague on the 20th of August, 1968
the Familyfrost melody on Sunday under the sachristy at Zlíchová, or the unexpected splashing of emerging trilobites at the Barandov cliffs, etc.
If you should happen to have recorded any of these sounds, or you remember a sound well and want to share it with others, we kindly ask your attendance.

The evening's guests will include Peter Cusack, a London artist and musician, member of CRiSAP (Creative Research in Sound and Performance) and the creator of the concept Favorite Sound of Prague, on which he will collaborate with Miloš Vojtěchovský until the end of 2008. Peter presents his field recordings, will talk about working with other seekers of sound, and will play samples from some of his completed sound projects.
Other guests and participants: Michal Rataj, Pavel Richter, Lasonic, Jonáš Richter, Lenka Dolanová, and others.
The evening will include a screening of the remarkable documentary film that captures a place where music is never heard, and natural sounds take on an unexpected meaning.

Peter Cusack's participation is supported by Zipp, a Czech-German cultural project and initiative of the German Cultural Association Foundation.

Participate in the symposium "Most Beloved Prague Sounds" at lemurie.cz.

Participate in the questionaire of "Favorite Prageu Sound" at the site http://www.lemurie.cz/projekty


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