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Concert Presentation

Radioatelier 10th Anniversary

Paraneuro / Boca Loca Lab
Fri 1.6. - 21:30

In December 2012, Czech Radio 3/Vltava will broadcast the 100th Radioatelier premiere. What better way to conclude the tenth year of existence of a program that is continually opening the Czech airwaves to the pulse of contemporary acoustic art…

On 1 June, we will symbolically celebrate our first decade at the Školská 28 Communication Space, with two performances and a dual book-and-album release party, which will give the evening the proper dose of seriousness.

The first part of the evening will feature a performance by the international improvisational trio Paraneuro, whose work was broadcast on Radioatelier’s PremEdice in February 2005. We just had to take advantage of the Prague sojourn of phenomenal Finnish flugelhorn player Jarmo Sermilä, who has been an integral part of the band since its inception. He will be accompanied by Miroslav Posejpal (1952, cello, electronics) and Alex Švamberk (1961, sampler, metal, percussion, electronics)

The second half of the evening will feature a vocal performance by the experimental theater group Boca Loca Lab. The group’s main driving force and artistic director is director and scriptwriter Jiří Adámek, who is intimately associated with Radioatelier’s first years. This internationally acclaimed group of actors and musicians will present a vocal performance with the voices of Vendula Stichová, Pavol Smolárik, Jan Matásek and Petr Vančura, plus laptop electronics by Mikoláš Růžička.

And last but not least, there will be a double release party: an album and a book. In collaboration with HIS Voice magazine, whose June issue will include the traditional sampler of Radioateliér’s PremEdice premieres, we will be celebrating the release of the album rAdioCUSTICA 2011 Selected.

At the same time, we will be celebrating the release of a unique book being published in collaboration with Czech Radio and Nakladatelství AMU on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of Radioatelier.

BY SOUND INTO THE HEAD - that is the title of 21 essays about contemporary audio culture, offering the views of 21 artists, critics, curators, and theorists on the complicated relationships within contemporary acoustic art. The book will be available for purchase.

Radioateliér celebrates 10 years
1 June 2012, 7:30pm, Školská 28, Prague 1
9 July 2012 (broadcast): Czech Radio 3/Vltava, 12:05am - 1am

Entry Fee: 50 Kč


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