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Open Studios

The gallery Communication Space Školská 28 considers residential stays an important part of its program and artistic practice. The Open Studios project was initiated by Linhart Foundation in 2006 - located in Lower Pocernice, it annually hosted over 12 artists from around the world and was a partner of UNESCO-Aschberg Bursaries for Artists in the International Fund for the Promotion of Culture. In 2009 the program moved to the city center and hosted 4-6 artists per year with the stays mostly lasting from one to three months. Program content of Open Studios is connected to the program of Školská 28, focused on presentation of contemporary art, education and research. Residential program participants have the opportunity to present their work there. We try to realize residential stays according to the needs of individual projects and artists in line with topics which are current for the gallery. Physical and financial conditions change from year to year.

The project is supported by a grant from the City of Prague, the Ministry of Culture and, in individual cases, other institutions such as the International Visegrad Fund.

How to Apply

Please note first: We are handling the residency on a small-scale basis. Alongside the Visegrad Artist Residency Program, for which we annually make an open call for every year, we are able to invite a maximum of one or two artists per year for a one month or longer residency. However, we have had so many applications in the past that we do not have any open calls at the moment and we do not plan to make one in the near future. We also do not have any permanent accommodation or studio space for visiting artists, so we must arrange these on an individual basis and according to mutual agreement. If you are still interested in sending us your residency proposal, we will be happy to accept it for review and consideration for a future residency. Please include your CV and portfolio, and some idea as to what you would like to do during the residency.

Send your application to: skolska28@skolska28.cz