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Grey Room

Robert Piotrowicz - Prometeul 2

Feedback sound instalation
Mon 18.10. - 20:00

home electronic devices, speakers, 6 feedbacks, light

The installation is dedicated to sound, and derives from the previous work of the artist Prometeul.
# 2 is especially designed for the Grey Room of Skolska Gallery and exploits its specific conditions.It was realized during Pietrowicz artist residency in Prague.

Prometeul II is minimalistic and delicate, rather fragile and instable organism, very different than its predecessors.

The basics of Prometeul 2 are similar to the first installation.The artist exhibits old pieces of electronic equipment which he found on site, where the work was constructed. Some of the principles of the piece: to create advanced and rich sound sculpture with basic feedback method, achieved with almost any kind of amplifier, to use any equipment one can get in the local environment: second hand shops, flea market, etc: old portable tape recorders, boom box, car amplifier, etc.

The other, more general aspect of the piece is to reflect the evolution of aesthetics of electronic art. Similar installation as Prometeul 2 could be realized since the amplifier and the speaker was invented. The installation assumes that the possibility to use technology is not just a vehicle to shift borders in intellectual reception within the creative context. The aesthetics of the contemporary electronic art is still „young” and need time to develop.

The process of inventing of „new” in arts is not directly determined by technology, or may be is, but not in this particular project.

Robert Piotrowicz is in the Artist Residence program Open Studio in Prague.

Sencor S-2080, photo Jan Bartoš

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Prometeul 1
Robert Piotrowicz, foto Milos Vojtechovsky
Prometeul 2_instalace(1), foto Jan Bartoš
Prometeul 2_instalace(2), foto Jan Bartoš
Prometeul 2_instalace(3), foto Jan Bartoš
Prometeul 2_instalace(4), foto Jan Bartoš
Prometeul 2_instalace(5), foto Jan Bartoš
Prometeul 2_instalace(6), foto Jan Bartoš