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Robert Piotrowicz / Valerio Tricoli

contemporary music performance
Mon 4.10. - 21:30

Robert Piotrowicz - modular synthetizer, computer / Valerio Tricoli - revox tape recorder, electronics.

Robert Piotrowicz is one of the most prolific artists in the Polish experimental and improvised music scene. He develops his own solo projects and also collaborates with world's leading sound artists and musicians.
As an instrumentalist, he works mainly with his own live performance setup, developed around his electric guitar and analogue modular synthesiser. He is both an accomplished performer of his own music and experienced improviser in different instrumental configurations wit other artists. His other activities include electro-acoustic studio compositions, composing for theatres, participation in interdisciplinary art projects and sound installation.
Piotrowicz has developed his trademark sound of intense dynamics seized indramatic and balanced form. Several albums with his solo music had been released, the last one so far, "Lasting Clinamen" in 2008, highly acclaimed by the critics around the globe. Robert Piotrowicz as intrumentalist and composer works most often with Anna Zaradny also Burkhard Stangl, Valerio Tricoli. Other collaborators in recent yerars included Oren Ambarchi, Jerome Noetinger, Xavier Charles, Lasse Marhaug, John Hegre, Tony Buck, Kevin Drumm, and others. Piotrowicz participated in many international events and festivals, including: "In Between" Chicago 2001, Jazz in E. in Germany, Copenhagen Jazz Festiwal 2001, Audio Art Festival 2000, Muzyka z Mozgu 2000, Artgenda 2002, Horbar Festival Hamburg 2002, ALTF4, SKIFF, NPAI Pathenay, AuxPole'n, Densities 2005/2009, Ultra Hang 2007, Hapzura 2007 Club Transmediale 2008, Stimul 08, Whatismusic?2009, All Ears 2010 and others. The long list of interdisciplinary projects that Piotrowicz participated in include: "Zmartwychwstanie", "Homage", TOJTOJ, "Summe von Nullen", "Definition". He composed music for theatre plays: "Lastade" " Lasztownia 2008. Four pictures in Space, "Smierc czlowieka wiewiórki", "Bóg/Honor/Ojczyzna: Katarzyna Medycejska". Poetry, literature projects: "Herbert: Reconstrukcja Poety" (dir. M. Liber. Teatr usta usta/2xu. Warsaw 2008 “Hra na Ohradu”(dir. L. Jiricka, text . Stanislav Dvorský, Prague 2008), „Pan Cogito”(Zbigniew Herbert, Bucuresti 2009, 2cd audiobook), „RANCIO” (dir. L. Jiricka text. Emil Cioran, Prague 2010, radio play). Together with Anna Zaradny he runs the Musica Genera label and annual festival.

Valerio Tricoli (*1977 in Palermo, based in Berlin) works as a concrete music composer, improviser, sound installation artist, producer, sound engineer, and curator. His compositions bridge musique concrète and conceptual forms of sound (i.e. the radical interest in how reality, virtuality, memory relate to each other during the acoustic event): music, as a recorded or as a synthetically-modeled sound, is always hovering between the “here and now” of the event and the shady domain of memory - distant but at the same time present, like a déjà-vu experience. Tricoli plays live music with electronic instruments - most of them analogue - (reel-to-reel tape recorders, synthesizers, microphones, light effects, ultrasonic speakers), however the structure of the device is ever-changing, seeking multiple relations between the performers, the device and the space in which the event takes place. He is one of the founders of the Bowindo label/collective (”arguably the best thing to come out of Italy since Luigi Nono”, Dan Warburton, The Wire), and of the band 3/4HadBeenEliminated, a daring synthesis between improvisation, electro-acoustic composition and avant-rock sensitivity. “Metaprogramming From Within The Eye Of The Storm”, “an intense investigation of disembodied perception in the form of a single electro-acoustic composition” (Daniel Sorenson), is his latest composition, released in 2006 and welcomed with great critical interest.

Entry Fee: 100 Kč – Reduced: 80 Kč