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Grey Room Main Gallery

Robert Vlasák - The Dialogue

interactive sound installation
Mon 14.3. - 19:00

The Dialogue is an interactive sound installation
materials: paper, wood, electronics, light
dimensions variable 2010

Robert Vlasák inquires physical qualities of different materials and is exploring the posibility of their visualisation. Some of his earlier installations are referring to the tradition of wunderkamer collections of instruments and tools and lately is he implementing interactive elements in it. Robert Vlasák is interested in the mechanical, optical aspects of the artifact, adding recently as well electronics and audio to his sculptures.

Music set for the vernisage: free improvising goup IQ+1
Mirek Posejpal (violoncello, fx)
Jana Kneschke (e-violin, zoom)
Georgij Bagdasarov (turntable)
Michal Zbořil (analog synthetisor)
Petr Vrba (trumpets, clarinet, objects)
Kateřina Bilejova (buto dance)

Dialogue, Robert Vlasák, photo Michal Novotný

About the Artist 



Rozhovor, Robert Vlasák, foto Michal Novotný
duševozy, 2007
Cucurbitaceae,Měď, bronz, epoxidová pryskyřice, Theremin, elektronika, 2007
R 110/10002,2006, ocel, olej, Wimshurstova indukční elektřina
ČEZ sound,Reproduktory, elektroinstalační materiál, transformátor
Nasávač elektrostatický,hliník, polystyren, textil, Van de Graaffův generátor, UV zářivky, 2006
Rozhovor, Robert Vlasák, foto archiv autora
Rozhovor, Robert Vlasák, foto archiv autora
1_Robert Vlasák, Rozhovor
2_Robert Vlasák, Rozhovor
3_Robert Vlasák, Rozhovor
4_Robert Vlasák, Rozhovor
5_Robert Vlasák, Rozhovor