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Robotic Body

Lecturer: Darina Alsterová
Wed 20.5. - 17:00

Performance is a change of the present situation of the body and thus space, a departure from ordinary reality. The performer becomes someone else, can become a different person, a hero, a a being, an animated object, idea or principle. We will discuss the possibilities of expression in a postmodern world: speaking machines, vibrating costumes, a third sex, robots, etc. Sound, music and vibration as another form of communication, a new association requiring an adaptation of the body. Participants produce their own costumes and test its effect firsthand through performance.

Anyone aged 12-19 years may participate upon payment of the membership fee to the student academy.

60 workshops and other events in the academic framework for 500 CZK.

Participation capacity is limited, so please register soon.

More info at http://www.studentska-akademie.cz/ or http://www.facebook.com/studentska.akademie?fref=ts

Entry Fee: 500 Kč

from čapek’s “R.U.R.”