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Sébastien Branche (solo), Rehaug Rehformen (solo)

free improvisation
Thu 14.5. - 19:30

Sébastien Branche is a French mathematician and saxophonist who is interested in the phenomena of perception. He considers himself as a “sound artisan” who prepares material for people to listen to. The relationship of sound to the body and space is demonstrated in his frequent collaborations with dancers.

Réka Kutas aka Rehaug Rehformen comes from Hungary and lives in Vienna. As an experimenter he uses cello and voice to create performative situations. This is an intense abstract dada-drone-folk-psycho performance capable of absorbing the listener into its own world through the synergy of sound, text and movement. He collaborates regularly with various musicians, dancers and artists.

Entry Fee: 80 Kč – Reduced: 60 Kč