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Simon Whetham and Michael Delia

Field recordings, acusmatic
Sat 20.11. - 20:30

Simon Whetham has been capturing and composing with field recordings since taking part in a research trip to Iceland in 2005. Simon's work has lead him to assist the sound artist Scanner in producing work for Night Flight, an outdoor performance piece in the hills of North Wales, soundtracking a short film by Phil Toy, performing a site specific work at the Collision Festival in Peckham and now to join a residential workshop in the Amazon region of Brazil run by Francisco Lopez, his participation funded by the Arts Council England.

Simon Whetham will collaborate during his Prague performance with local musicians in the framework of the improvising workshop with Seijiro Murayama

as guest Michael Delia

Entry Fee: 80 Kč – Reduced: 50 Kč