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Barney Haynes, Jennifer Parker and team
Thu 19.3. - 20:00

SonicSENSE is a collaborative ongoing project of two media artists and teachers from California. It is constructed as an interdisciplinary human-machine interface, reacting on local conditions and environment.The platform evolved from a series of conversations and ideas between electronic artist Barney Haynes and sculptor Jennifer Parker. sonicSENSE is a meeting place for art, culture, new technologies, digital media and participation. sonicSENSE uses the creative diversity of computational media and traditional visual art practices to cultivate space for sharing, questioning, and exploring interdisciplinary frameworks, methodologies and experiences in both physical and virtual space.

Co-operation: Michal Kindernay, Aleš Zemene, Guy van Belle, Jakub Hybler, Michal Cáb

One of their intentions is to support, contextualize, and advance the use and understanding of digital tools and methods for research and teaching in the arts and humanities. The other intention is to create a rich variety of projects for the sonicSENSE platform that develop electronic databases, publications, software tools, services and communication systems in the arts through the open-source paradigm.

The initial inquiry of - "How can the exploration of new media, as complex multidimensional medium situated in both physical and virtual space, be communally interactive? "- evolved to expand the current phase of the sonicSENSE project 1.1. The piece consists of a series of sculptural nodes that employ the viewer as the interface to intermittently produce a wide range of audioscapes, data projections and mechanical noises that build, collect and distribute media into the gallery from live viewers and on-line interactions using a wide range of software programming. The number of interactions with the sculptural nodes increases collectively with the number of components, allowing for many new and subtle types of behavior to emerge. J.P. and B.H.

Participating universities, galleries and institutions include University of California Santa Cruz; California College of the Arts in Oakland/San Francisco, CA; University of California Santa Barbara; Galerie Califia in Horazdovice, South Bohemia; Školská 28 Galerie; and the Insitutue of Intermedia in Prague, Czech Republic. The goal of this project is to forge dynamic ongoing relations that link artists, faculty, students, and viewers in dialogue through the creation of artworks that use interconnective systems of reactive interfaces both physical and virtual.

Barney Haynes is an electronic artist and Media Arts Chair at California College of the Arts in San Francisco/Oakland. Jennifer Parker is a sculptor and Art Professor at the University of California Santa Cruz.

supporting organisations

Art Research Institute
USCS Faculty Research Grant
Rosa Comp
institut intermédií

Making things

Galerie Školská 28 Praha, Czech Republic 2009 from sonicSENSE on Vimeo.