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White Billboard

Souvenirs from Prague

Balázs Antal, László Hatházi: Cubist product proposals
Thu 6.12. - 20:00

Balázs Antal and László Hatházi became curious about the Prague Cubist architecture and became inspired by replicas of Cubist porcelain displayed in local museum shops. the installation designed for White Billboard contains drawings and design for everyday objects, inspired by Czech Cubism (as a broom for example).

Czech cubism played an important role in establishing the national style of Czechoslovakia as a new unit in Europe after World War I. Even past its blooming era, this stylistic phenomenon often appears as a referential point for the artists of later times. It´s traces can be found in the fields of architecture, fine art and design, sporadically scattered throughout various life-works or inspiring different sequences and series. As a starting point, they looked for simple, everyday objects that they re-interpreted in the style of Czech Cubist heritage with regard to the type of product and design features. Their project proposes design of two sets of products. On the first hand, they outline ideas for objects that have been used from the beginning of the century till today, but they miss in the repertoire of Cubist product designers; on the other hand, they make proposals for objects of use that are relevant for our time.

Balázs Antal and László Hatházi studied in Budapest at the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts, and have been working together as an artistic duo in the field of visual and conceptual art since 2007. In their projects, they often disconnect common objects or symbols from their original context and add a new layers of meaning to them, as they did, for example, in their action " Tigers on the market".

They are currently doing a three-month residency at the Školská 28 Gallery, looking for sequences of films that include shots of Prague houses, with the aim of editing a short film from this material, using the original sound from the films.

curator : Veronika Resslová

Balázs Antal and László Hatházi are residents at the Školská 28 Gallery as part of the Visegrad Artist Residency Program. visegradfund.org/residencies/varp

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Balázs Antal, László Hatházi: Suvenýry z Prahy/Product proposals
Kubistický porcelán
Antal a Hatházi - Suvenýry z Prahy
Antal a Hatházi - Suvenýry z Prahy
Suvenýry z Prahy
Antal a Hatházi - Suvenýry z Prahy
Antal a Hatházi - Suvenýry z Prahy
Suvenýry z Prahy
Suvenýry z Prahy