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Standuino “bastl” workshop III

Granular sampler MG 2.0
Sun 29.6. - 10:00

Performance: 8:00pm.

Školská 28 Gallery is hosting once again the unique workshop of Standuino. This time participants have a chance to make their own microGranny 2.0 - monophonic granular sampler. It reads wav samples from microSD card and applies granular algorithms to them. You can also adjust start, end, sample rate (tuned or free run), crush and envelope (attack release). MIDI Input allows external control of all parameters as well as transposition of the samples, or playing individual grains by different keys (e.g.: http://www.bastl-instruments.com/instruments/mic...).

“Bastl” is Czech slang for “kludge”.

The workhop follows performance of participants at 8 PM. Specific instructions will be sent out in the e-mail before the workshop.

Standuino is the inovative force in hand-made electronic music and open source hardware as well as theoretically and historically driven movement that results in artworks, bands, workshops, happenings and writings.

Standuino started as a clone board of popular Arduino but adapted to even more DIY approach of East region (=bastl). With this powerful tool it became part of many art installations and enabled our research team to build prototypes of many different devices most importantly musical instruments.
The whole concept of Standuino is inspired and covered by the story of a pioneer of media art - Standa Filip. The name Standuino goes mainly from Standas name but also stands for what Standuino is best at - the standalone applications.

Behind this workshop projects Bastl-Instruments and Standuino stand Václav Peloušek and Ondřej Merta. They are also memebers of bands Hugo & Zoe, Cave Art and Bastl / Standuino Orchestra. They occasioanlly appear on Brno and Vienna cultural scene. They both studied Art & Science at the University of Applied Arts Vienna and Multimedia Studio at Faculty of Visual Arts of Technical University in Brno.

Exclusive price: 2 800 Kč, including materials.

To register, send an email to: info@bastl-instruments.com.

Workshop is supported by Školska 28 Gallery.