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Standuino workshop

Make your own synthesizer

!!! Tha capacity of the workshop is full. Thank you very much for your interest.

Školská 28, Standuino and MediaLab 4AM invite you for "kludge" workshop for beginners and also for more advanced participants:

- we will teach you basics in electronics as soldering, basic terminology and in short we will introduce opensource hardware and its possibilities. We will also discuss trends in DIY culture vs "kludge" scene and basics in synthesizer music.

- every participant will take home his own built synthesizer fraAngelico or drum automat frauAngelico or granular sampler microGranny!

- after the workshop will follow the concert by orchestra of the participants (around 9 am)

Standuino is the inovative force in hand-made electronic music and open source hardware as well as theoretically and historically driven movement that results in artworks, bands, workshops, happenings and writings.

Standuino started as a clone board of popular Arduino but adapted to even more DIY approach of East region (=bastl). With this powerful tool it became part of many art installations and enabled our research team to build prototypes of many different devices most importantly musical instruments.The whole concept of Standuino is inspired and covered by the story of a pioneer of media art - Standa Filip. The name Standuino goes mainly from Standas name but also stands for what Standuino is best at - the standalone applications.

Fee: exclusively 1300 Kč (51 euros) per participant (the price covers all materials for building frauAngelico and microGranny in value 1250 Kč (49 euros) and 50 Kč (2 euros) as a contribution for the gallery.

Please take your own headphones and 9V battery.

More about the workshop: www.standuino.eu

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Standuino set
Standuino design