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Stencil Nation

Book and Slide Presentation
Fri 16.1. - 20:30

Author/Photographer Russell Howze will give his slide presentation to
support his book "Stencil Nation: Graffiti, Community, and Art." This
one hour presentation will give a great overview of the art form,
using examples from the book as well as other outside sources,
materials, and interesting items. Russell will also have actual cut
stencils and will allow time for questions about all things stencil.

"Stencil Nation: Graffiti, Community, and Art" packs over 500 full-
color photographs in a 192 page, 8 inch by 8 inch pound of paper and
ink. The book presents work by more than 350 artists from 28
countries, including Iran, Australia, Japan, Canada, Spain, Lebanon,
Israel, and the United States. Featured artists include: Banksy, Jef
Aerosol, Logan Hicks, Adam5100, Arofish, M-City, SWOON, Hao, John
Fekner, Peat Wollaeger, Klutch, and others.


a Stencil Nation tour afterparty with dj/vj Podinski (XL terrestrials)
"psychotronic ostblok: the a/v mix" vs special guest vj HomeCut (San Francisco)

visuals: a global graffiti/stencil vj remix tour.
images picked from over 10,000 pics at stencilarchive.org
and assorted films collected for Xlt’s recent 25c3 hacklab show.

Podinski is a multi-persona psychomedia analyst, artivist and dj/vj with
XLTerrestrials.org, a nomadic arts + praxis think tank developing radical
hybrid organisms for immediate and unmediated tactical initiatives. XLt
things have been featured at festivals, conferences, events and venues such
as Next 5 Minutes, Ars Electronica, Transmediale, 24+25C3, Roxy/NoD,
Pergamon Museum, Kulturbrauerei, Club der Polnische Versager, Haus
Schwarzenberg, Labfactory, D Media, Tuzrakter, 13m3, Mama/Mi2, Ecotopia,
Cellspace and Station40.


Stencil Nation


Stencil Nation
Stencil Nation