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Stepflow multi-level session

Tue 26.9. - 18:00

Multi-Level Stepflow Workshop in English & Czech
In each Stepflow session, Carli Jefferson leads an exploration of your musicality; the sense of rhythm and expressive language of your body After all, your body is the most portable and convenient instrument you have!
Each person's unique way of moving is encouraged whilst introducing a new rhythmic vocabulary. Techniques from a range of body percussion traditions are combined with tap dance fundamentals to develop your ability to establish and sustain a groove.
These elements are combined to awaken a deeper sense of feel, which not only improves coordination and sensitivity, but builds confidence when accompanying other musicians and dancers. Stepflow opens up full-body listening, improving the ability to invent, choreograph, and improvise.
The sessions are open to all ages, bodies and abilities. The group will meet at least once a month to extend their skills and relax into their own sense of style, with a view to growth and development on a personal level, as well as performance and recording opportunities for dedicated practitioners.


Pro přihlášení na workshop nás kontaktujte na: info@tibetopenhouse.cz