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Kick up within your inner selves a machine powered by imagination. Invent stories, games and techniques which will boost your narrative ego. Come and tell a short story on a given theme, and you´ll find that everyone has a narrative skill, and once you tell a story, you win.
Wed 22.2. - 19:30

Like its Brno twin, Gallery of Stories (Galeryje příběhů), the Prague-based Storybar (Příběhomat) is part of the project launched under the heading Storytelling Cafés, aimed at inspiring get-togethers involving groups of people ready to share short stories of their own making on various predetermined themes, thereby training their own narrative skills. We´ll spend time together telling stories, testing our skills in narrative exercises, and on the whole, enjoying ourselves. Every month, Storybar participants pick the theme for next time, so it´s up to you to choose the subject you´ll talk about one month from now.

Admission as you wish.