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For Children

Storytelling: Tales of Granny Wordorder

Who wouldn´t be fond of fairytales? Those we are going to present to you here come from Granny Wordorder - and you bet she knows as many tales as there´s little girls and boys added up together.
Sun 5.2. - 15:00

There can be little Granny Wordorder tales, and then there are big ones as well. The little ones are fairytale cubs, freshly hatched out of the fantasy world. In their turn, the big ones are ancient yarns first spun by people at the beginning of time. A fairytale can even actually be born right in the middle of a show, of this show, with us bringing it to life through our team effort.

Narrators: Markéta Holá, Barbora Schneiderová

Admission: children 50 CZK / adults 100 CZK