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Tamás Kaszás

Resident Artist

Kaszás Tamás (born in 1976) is hungarian intermedia artist. He studied at the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts where he continued also with his doctoral studies.

Kaszás Tamás usually works on complex projects (installations or interventions) questioning general social topics - collectivity, collapse and survival, self sustainability and authonomy, folk science etc. - inspired by his theoretical researches.
During the process he applies traditional and new media as well. By mixing poetic images
with useful inventions in exhibiting practice, autonomous art pieces (drawings, paintings, objects, videos etc.) appear mostly as special constellations in the frame of large installations (he calls them "visual aid constructions").
In accordance with his conceptual background Kaszás tries to make an economic and ecological art practice using mostly cheap or recycled materials, techniques easily available for everyone and designs easy-to-make structures.
Beyond the institutional art field he is also interested in working in public spaces (Shelter for Diverzity, Utrecht 2010 or Disco Batata, Lisbon 2008) or using immediate artistic methods.
He often works in various collaborations (Loránt Anikót or Kristóf Krisztián) and has widely exhibited in Europe ( in Slowakia, Poland, Hungary, Holland, Belgium, England, Austria or Turkey).

During his residential stay Tamás Kaszás will develop his project "Ruins of modernism", which is based on research of work of different modernist East- European artist inspired by or working with architectural forms. From real models of those architectural forms in 1:35 scale made up from garbage and recycled materials will Tamás Kaszás compose whole slum of "abandoned ruins of never existed Bauhaus buildings occupied by homeless or neo-tribal people after a big collapse of the civilization " in a diorama installation, as an autonomous work but also as a background of a video projekt.

Kaszás Tamás is supported by Visegrad Artist Residency Program - Visual&Sound Arts. visegradfund.org/residencies/varp

Tamás Kaszás




visual art, conceptual art, installation