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Technology of large scale lithography

workshop by Petr Korbelář
Thu 12.1. - 18:00

Thursday 12.1. 5 PM: Opening musical act by Ondřej Smeykal: didgerydoo
Installation of large prints by Petr Korbelář
Workshop starts saturday 14. 1. 2012 at 10 AM and finish at 5 PM
Sunday concert by Korbelář-Kutulán starts at 10 AM.

Lithography is a method for printing using a stone (lithographic limestone) or a metal plate with a completely smooth surface. Invented in 1796 by Bavarian author Alois Senefelder as a cheap method of publishing theatrical works lithography can be used to print text or artwork onto paper or other suitable material.

Participants will during the workshop print their own small black and white lithography. Material costs and the fee: 250 Kč.
Information for the workshop: Petr Korbelář: 723 892 988, katchamama@gmail.com

Entry Fee: 250 Kč