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White Billboard

Thomas Winkler
Wed 2.10. - 20:30

Curator: Eliška Žáková

Since 2003, when he founded the Berlin press „Heckler und Koch“ with several artist friends, Thomas Winkler has found himself on a seemingly never-ending journey „authorized by worldwide expressionism“ which has taken him to various nooks and crannies of Europe and the US. On this journey, Winkler, a conceptual artist, photographer, painter, musician and publisher, acquires snapshots whose motifs are as diverse as the range of Winkler’s artwork: recollections of visited places, realized performances, exceptional encounters but also moments of idleness. At the dual exhibition in galleries Bílý nástěnka and K4, Thomas Winkler will introduce his newest series of layouts created for the Fotograf Festival during the artist’s recent stay in Prague. The opening night of the exhibition at gallery K4 will go hand in hand with Prof. Winkler’s opening lecture, followed by his concert in the main hall of K4 club.

Exhibition is part of FOTOGRAF FESTIVAL 2013.

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