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Touchscreen controllers

workshop improvized electronical music with Slavo Krekovič

Tablets or smart phones with touch screens bring new opportunities for wireless control of audio processes on your computer. The aim of the workshop is to create your own controller platform based on flexible touch control and the OSC protocol that will be used during a collective wifi improvisation.

During the workshop we will discuss various technical linking devices, appropriate choices of audio material for improvisation and ways of manipulating these sources effectively through touch screens in real time (using such applications asTouchOSC, Lemur, etc.)

Programming knowledge is not necessary, but experience with creative audio software (Ableton Live, Max/MSP, ppooll, Pure Data, and the like) will be useful. Participants should bring their own computer and, if possible, a tablet or smart phone (iOS or Android). If you don’t have your own tablet or smart phone, please ask us about the possibility of borrowing one in advance.

The workshop is limited to 10 participants.

Workshop will be on Thursday from 1pm to 6pm and on Friday from 1pm to 6pm, it will end with the concert of participants on Friday at 7pm.

Registration is by email: touchscreen.workshop@gmail.com

Slavomir Krekovič's stay in Prague is supported by Visegrad Artist Residency Program - Visual and Sound Arts.

Entry Fee: 200 Kč

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Touchscreen controllers
Touchscreen controllers
Touchscreen controllers
Touchscreen controllers