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Udo Noll: Radio Spaces

Sounds of Europe: SoundLab Prague

Aside from many others, an intriguing aspect of radio is its connectivity, the ability to create an almost spatial presence, among a virtual community of listeners, and of the media itself. The elaborated dials of old receivers may tell a story about this relation between space and the self, they are maps of a sonic landscape centred around an open ear.

In recent years, practices around radio production, distribution and listening have changed due to the presence and availability of the Internet. radio aporee investigates these new radio spaces, and proposes field recording for the engagement with sites and environ- ments, in order to explore and develop new forms and formats.

The aim of the workshop is to produce a piece of radio art, that takes its material and subject from public space, and reflects the conditions and possibilities of an extended sensorial radio. During the workshop, participants will gather and record found sounds, voices and noises, as well as occasional sonic interventions, at street corners, backyards and other urban wastelands. The material will be organized within the radio aporee framework and processed for later distribution on various radio stations.

At best, the sounds i find and the recordings i make are a response of the world to some of my questions. Field recording is a way to establish a resonant relationship between me and and the environment, with a special interest for place, spatial conditions and their possible representations. The radio aporee platform is a result of this approach, and the chance to share and develop it with others.

Participation fee: free of charge, but you need to register in beforehand deadline 20. september

Lunch will be offered, accommodation possible at €15 /night

To sign-in for one of the workshops or further inquire, please contact Ann Goossens- info@soundsofeurope.eu

production: Marko Bogdanovič - okramovic@gmail.com