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The Dutch artist Ulay (born Frank Uwe Laysiepen, 1943 in Germany) is a classic performance artist and photographer. Many will be aware of his collaboration with the artist Marina Abramovich, who was his partner for several years both in art and in private life. But Ulay's ascent to the Olympian heights of art is not only due to his joint performances (for example Expanding in Space (1977); The Lovers: The Great Wall Walk (1988), etc.). He is also well-known for the celebrated theft of Hitler's favourite painting, Karl Spitzweg's The Poor Poet, from the National Gallery in Berlin. The artist then hung the painting in the apartment of some Turkish immigrants, and invited the gallery's director to enjoy the Biedermeier painting in a new setting. But these sorts of pranks have been abadoned, left to the 1970s. For the last few years Ulay has been actively working on a project devoted to the problem of the decline in stocks of drinking water.





performance art, photography