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veRmulsCHt & Loliny Loopy

living performance diary, with sounds and sights, from berlin and weird songs
Mon 14.9. - 19:30

veRmulsCHt is “… a haphazard trio using video projections, field recordings, laptops, objects, saxophones, and spoken texts … most of which we collect during our trips through the universe. In putting them together, improvising with them, we deconstruct the narrative of the subjective traveler’s memory in an incongruous collage-type style that creates bizarre combinations of sound and sight.”

Pierre Borel (FR/DE) is a Parisian saxophonist and composer, working in the field of improvised and experimental music. Since 2006, he lives in Berlin, taking part of the continual flow of ongoing creativity that is centered there. He has performed in most European countries, as well as Japan and the USA, and is a regular collaborator of Tobias Delius, Hannes Lingens, Derek Shirley, Tetuzi Akiyama, Christoph Kurzmann, Axel Dörner, Sven Ake Johannson, and Didier Lasserre, to name a few.

He acquired a master’s degree in jazz at the Jazz Institute in Berlin in 2008, and continues to question music and life through his philosophical studies in Paris.
Together with Florian Bergmann and Hannes Lingens, he runs the Umlaut Berlin collective, which in recent years has released many records, and has organized four festivals of improvised music.

Paul Roth (US/DE) plays saxophone, and includes voice, written texts, and field recordings in his work. He is also a part of teh curatorial team for Ausland-Berlin. Born 1983, Buffalo, New York, he is an improviser, composer, alto saxophonist, writer, theorist, and musicologist who works with a variety of means for the less conventional, sometimes surprising, expression of sound and its organization in time and space.

Léa Lanoe (FR) - video

Loliny Loopy is an experimental electroacoustic duo from Prague. Their musical expression is known for its contrasting musical approaches to harmony and rhythm. Different artists have influenced the playing style and feeling for music of the group’s members, which include Matej Senkyrik (guitar, clarinet) and Jachym Senkyrik (cello). For Matej, Steve Reich, The Legendary Pink Dots, The Residents and Lou Reed are among his major influences. For Jachym it’s Arvo Pärt, Philip Glass, Maya Beiser, Miles Davis, MGMT or Peter Gabriel, to name a few.

Their playing is enriched by completely different music approaches, with styles ranging from minimalism to pop music, making it hard to compare it with other projects. Often they try to uncover dysfunctions of the conventions of performance, making them stand in relief to pleasant harmonies. With their sound, they search for hidden nuances in the music. On the one hand, it is unique, but on the other seemingly familiar.

Entry Fee: 80 Kč – Reduced: 60 Kč