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Main Gallery

Veronika Mayer

Thu 15.5. - 18:00

The perception of a space, the atmosphere of an environment, depends on various elements but is mostly influenced by audible and visible facts. Exploring the special conditions of light and its changes in a given space is the fundamental aspect of this site specific work. Focusing on essential aspects of light, the gallery space becomes an acoustic projection of levels of light intensity, brightness and colors. The environment is designed by the interaction of light and sound, transferring from one medium to the other, in an exchange of qualities and mutual interdependence. It enables the visitors to experience the visual characteristics of the space through the medium of sound. Visitors also interact through their presence in the installation space.

Numerous sensors are placed throughout the space, continuously calculating and providing realtime data. The measurement of light frequencies in real time produces audible signals which change in correspondence with shadows, clouds, the movements of the sun, and the use of artificial light and creates a continually shifting soundscape.

As there is a time of day when light hurts the eyes, so there is also a time of day when the sound of that light hurts the ears. In order to give the sound environment a non-violating structure, real time light processes are combined with carefully adapted compositional and spatial processes, creating a slow, cautious choreography of scattered sound and light. In opposing the natural shifts of light and darkness to its audible analogue raises questions about the forms and musical aesthetics of sound art.

Accompanying concert on June 2, at 7.30 PM features KOMMANDO RAUMSCHIFF ZITRONE (Kai Fagaschinski & Christof Kurzmann) and JUNK & THE BEAST (Veronika Mayer & Petr Vrba).

Veronika Mayer is a freelance composer, musician and sound artist living in Vienna. Her works include instrumental and electroacoustic compositions, sound installations and performances with live electronics. She is active as an electronic improviser, performing solo and in different collaborations, as well as with visual artists.

Pure sounds, natural phenomena and material are the basis for her work, always emphasizing barely perceptible elements, resulting in a reduced but form of essential and very clear structures, following the characteristics and inner behavior of the sound itself. In her electronic performances and instrumental works she explores the continuous evolution and expansion of single grains of sound. Focusing on the striking results of very smooth and minimal changes in sound modulation, she observes the slightest differences and variations during these processes of manipulation.

Veronika Mayer studied electroacoustic music, composition and classical piano at the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna. She is a member of the Austrian network snim – spontaneous network for improvised music.

Her works have been presented at various festivals for contemporary and experimental music and soundart in Austria, Argentina, Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Great Britain, Italy and Mexico. She has received commissions by Wien Modern, Jeunesse Wien, ÖGZM, Ensemble Reconsil, Ensemble Platypus, Hörstadt, e_may, The International Rosario Marciano Piano Competition, among others.

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