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Vj Kolouch / Strangelet / Kateřina Bílková

live a-v
Thu 21.4. - 21:30

”Untitled”, (VJ Kolouch + Strangelet) - av perfomance. Common live audio-visual show ”Untitled” between sound artist Strangelet (ambient drones, soundscapes and modern glitch electronica ) and visual artist VJ Kolouch transform their previous collaborations from postproduction level (Strangelet made music into Kolouchs animation movies) into live form. ”Untitled” is live animation movie with improvised live soundtrack. Visual language of performance are most influenced by modernist scifi ilustration from the fifties and early sixties years of 20 th century. ”Untitled” is mystery story about lost civilization, abandoned words and empty cityscapes...

Kateřina Bílková (born 1988) is theatre performer and media artist working with various media platforms. Her work is mostly site-specific or media-specific, utilizing various methods of re-mediation between film, physical materials and digital video. Her work Scan moment is based on performative writing and use of a scanner as an audiovizual instrument.

Entry Fee: 80 Kč – Reduced: 60 Kč