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Vs. Interpretation

Interdisciplinary Festival of Experimental Art

Roxy/NoD a Školská 28

The Agosto Foundation presents vs. Interpretation — an ongoing project that explores the boundaries of communication within improvisation as expressed in various art forms, including Music, Dance and Intermedia. It asks, How are the processes of Interpretation and Improvisation related, and how does improvisation confront the forces of interpretation? 

The project is committed to fostering community amongst a culturally diverse international and local group of artists, performers and thinkers. 

To initiate this project the Agosto Foundation is hosting the vs. Interpretation festival from July 17-20 at Roxy/NoD and Communication Space Školská 28 in Prague, featuring a lineup of some of the most distinguished improvisational artists, performers and thinkers in the field today. 

The festival offers an array of concerts, speaker presentations and workshops, with keynotes from George E Lewis and Pauline Oliveros, as well as performances from Iva Bittova, Joëlle Léandre, Petr Kotík, Markus Popp, Annie Gosfield, David Rothenberg and Dawn of Midi, Prague Improvisation Orchestra, Ivan Palacký, amongst others. 

The vs. Interpretation project will be offering presentations, performances and exhibitions throughout the year — be sure to check out the festival to see some of the best this international and local community of artists has to offer.

For further information: agosto-foundation.org

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About the Agosto Foundation

The Agosto Foundation is a nonprofit organization which supports social and cultural projects. Through dynamic programming and support of exhibitions, films, festivals, talks and educational events, the Agosto Foundation aims to stimulate debate, experimentation, creativity and exchange of ideas amongst its participants.