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Walk through the slide history & Vladmaster soirée

Lenka Dolanová, Kateřina Svatoňová, Václav Hájek, Miloš Vojtěchovský and guests
Mon 20.10. - 20:00

Walk through the exhibition and media-archaeological slide-space. The curators of the exhibition and invited guests will lead you through the exhibit, talking about the history and importance of slides.

A view-master soirée follows, part of which will be a presentation of the work by Vladimir, an American artist who lent some examples of her work for the exhibition.

Vladimir has been hand-making her ViewMaster™ disks (which she calls Vladmasters) since 2003, using toys, neglected household objects, and odd ephemera to tell her 28-picture tales. She organizes Vladmaster performances which are a collective Vladmaster experience. Each attendee is given a viewer and set of disks and then led through the story by a soundtrack featuring music, narration, sound effects, and ding noises to cue the change from image to image. Vladimir is also a maker of Super8 movies.

Miloš Vojtěchovský will present the work of the multimedia pioneer father Athanasius Kircher.

Part of the exhibition The Photographic Slide in the Era of the Homemade Media. In cooperation with the Austrian Cultural Forum in Prague.


Cesta historií diapozitivů
Cesta historií diapozitivů
Stereo-kotoučkové soiree
Stereo-kotoučkové soiree
Stereo-kotoučkové soiree
Stereo-kotoučkové soiree