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Workshop of Butoh led by Sumako Koseki

Intensive 4-day workshop of Butoh led by Sumako Koseki.

Program: physical training, practice of and reflection on various physical and mental states, investigating and developing of uncommon body and mind use, dancing, breathing - so that we can open our memories inscribed in our bodies and old (reptile) brain.

Participants profile: for all people interested in exploring of their body and mind, for artists and students working in the fields of performance, dance, theatre, visual arts, philosophy

Time table:

Sun 9am-1.30pm + 2.30-7pm
Mon 11am-3.30pm + 4.30-9pm
Tue no workshop
Wed 5-9pmThu 5-9pm

Workshop fee: 3650,-CZK or €150
Booking: to apply send your name and e-mail address; we confirm your reservation within 2 weeks
Information and registration.
Katerina Bilejova, bilejova@hotmail.com, ph. +420 728 521 379

Sumako Koseki is a dancer and choreographer who studied traditional Japanese performing arts and Butoh. Her teacher was Tadashi Suzuki (art of Noh, Kabuki in a contemporary context) and Isso Miura (Butoh). She is also well based in Western and Eastern philosophy and psychology (the University of Tokyo). She worked with many significant European artists (Grotowski, Barba, Leotard, Adrien and others). In 1980 she founded her dance group in France. Her training is mainly based on old Japanese theatre and martial arts. Treating with so-called Ki energy and with the breathing opens our deep sensibily. Sumako Koseki works and teaches in the fields of performance, dance and theatre in Japan and in Europe. Since 2002 she reveals in Czech Republic.

Sumako denotes Butoh as “the Dance on the Edge” where expressions and movements find itself by emergency and vital necessity. Then depersonalized interpreter can be possessed by various beings and states / logical order will be introduced into chaos, into edge and fitfulness, mind intention will be changed into spontaneity, so called humanity into animality / not an intellect but a memory of a body animates us with archetypal remembrances encoded in our DNA.

Entry Fee: 650 Kč


Sumako Koseki
Sumako Koseki