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Workshop For Children

Workshop of elektronic music

with Markéta Lisá, Jana Matulová and Tomáš Dvořák
Sat 19.5. - 15:00

for children from six years

Come and try play different electronic and acoustic, musical and non-musical instruments. We will learn how to record simple sounds, how to run it in loops, effect it using simple sampler and use it during live performances. We will play and sing, listen to sounds, record them and make songs. Musicians and non-musicians, various melodic, harmonic and rhythmic instruments players, singers and anyone who enjoys playing and listening, are welcome. We will try make and record songs together. You can take the recordings as a cd with you and maybe we will put a band together !
Bring a variety of tools that you find at home, it can be classical instruments, drums, whistles, sticks, as well as a variety of moving toys or objects from just a material that emits interesting sounds.
The first part of the workshop is due from 1pm to 3pm. Then, after 30 minutes break, it is followed by a further two-hour block.We are looking forward to see you!

Jana, Markéta a Tomáš

Markéta Lisá is an artist, musician and jewelery, who deals with experimental video and music.You can see her in bands Dva or Audiofenky.
Tomas Dvorak aka Floex deals with music, visual arts, graphic design and interactive installations. Original clarinet player began gradually experimenting with electronic instruments. He describes his own music as a combination of jazz, electronic and film music. He deals with interconnection of electronic and acoustic instruments. He is a member of the Floexí band.
Tomáš created music for flash game Samorost II (Amanita Design), which won the award for best web film in Seoul Net Festival and the price of Flesh Forward Award for original sound (2006).

Workshop elektronické hudby s Markétou Lisou a Janou Matulovou