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Outside Space

Zsófie Anny Kollár: Inter – views

In late summer 2016, the village of Lhotka near Beroun became the venue of an international festival held under the codename Trsy (Clusters).
Tue 10.1. - 18:00

Its pivotal theme was interaction between art, landscape and natural sciences, with a view to opening up alternative ways of seeing and feeling the natural environment through the combined prism of both aesthetic and scientific views. As the festival progressed, it gave rise to an open-air landscape gallery, one part of which was the installation Inter-views, by young Hungarian artist Zsófie Anny Kollár. The installation is based on the concept of the exhibition format commonly known as “peepshow”. In her approach, this artist turns the said concept upside down, as a result of which the spectators find themselves located inside the installation, peeping out through a multitude of slots, either empty or filled up with mirrors. The spectators´ view of their surroundings thus become fragmented.