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Zvony proti mlze & Tarnovski

free improvisation
Mon 18.11. - 19:30

An evening with two of the premiere local experimental musicians in improvisation. In solo performance Tarnovski from Pardubice appears for the first time in the gallery, together with the debut appearance of Zbynek Rohlík and Pavel Bakič as the duo Zvony proti mlze (Bells against the fog).

Zvony proti mlze
Big ensembles are bound to splinter; the Prague-based quintet The Pololáníks, itself born from a larger orchestra, has accordingly spawned Zvony proti mlze. Originally, the duo only focused on studio work, resulting in four pieces for electronics and zither presented on Sagte er, dachte ich EP (self-released & free download), but after experiments with live sampling, they plucked up the courage for their first proper live performance at Školská. They are also currently putting finishing touches to their second CD, albeit at a crawling and excruciating pace.
Zbyněk Rohlík: fretless guitar zither, recorders
Pavel Bakič: laptop

Tarnovski (analog synths, theremin, kalimba, fx, percussion)
Jara Tarnovski is one of the founding members of experimental/electronic quartet Gurun Gurun (Home Normal). He also plays in the bands Wabi Experience and IQ+1. Jara has collaborated with Aus, Oldrich Janota, .tape., Koen Park, B4, Park Avenue Music, Nels, Kora et le Mechanix, The Orff Brothers, and Longital, among others. He works as a music composer for radio, animated film, multimedia and art installations.

Entry Fee: 80 Kč – Reduced: 60 Kč