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Jorge Haro

Sound and audio-visual artist. He researches in the fields of experimental music, sound installations and audiovisual pieces.

He works in the aesthetic and scientific aspects of the sound and vibrations, with particular interest in the expanded listening, the visualization of the sound and the data transformation processes.

He has released seven solo records: Works based on field recordings (Sudamérica Electrónica, 2008), early works_8991 (online ep, Experimenta Club, 2007), u_xy (audio CD, fin del mundo, 2005), u_2003 (CD-R extra+net-disc, Fin del mundo, 2003), Música 200(0) (CD extra, Fin del mundo, 2001), Fin de siècle (CD extra, Fin del mundo, 1999) and Dos naturalezas (audio cassette, Hyades Arts, 1991). His music and video pieces have been included in different compilation albums edited in Argentina, Spain, USA, Poland, Switzerland and Finland.

He has made acousmatic, audiovisual concerts, installations and exhibitions in Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Brazil, Chile, Peru, Colombia, Mexico, United States, Canada, Spain, Portugal, France, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Poland, Holland, Denmark and Finland.

He composed pieces of music in collaboration with Francisco López/Absolute Noise Ensamble, Zbigniew Karkowski, Mitchell Akiyama, Sergi Jordà and 1605munro.

He has participated in international festivals like LEV (Spain, 2010), Là-Bas Biennale (Finland, 2010), Radar (Mexico, 2010), Tsonami (Chile, 2009), Visionen (Germany, 2009), International Image Festival (Colombia, 2009), Unsound Festival (Poland, 2008), Experimentaclub (Spain, 2007-2006), Shift (Switzerland, 2007), Sónikas (Spain, 2006), 5hype (Brazil, 2006), Confluencias (Spain, 2005), Champ Libre (Canada, 2004), Sound Site (USA, 2004), Ertz (Spain, 2004), Contacto (Peru, 2004), Observatori (Spain, 2003), LEM (Spain 2003-2001), Days of Digital Art (Argentina, 2002), Ares y Pensares SESC (Brazil, 2002), Interfaces_02 (Uruguay, 2002), 5 Biennial of Video and New Media of Santiago (Chile, 2001), Sónar (Spain, 2000), Internationale Filmmusik Biennale (Germany, 1999), among others.

He is director of the Conciertos en el LIMb0 cycle of the Buenos Aires Museum of Modern Art, co-director of the site Fin del mundo and of the project of artistic interchange and cultural cooperation Experimentaclub LIMb0. During three years he was co-director of Sudamérica Electrónica label (2007-2009).

He is professor in courses of audio-visual design in the Palermo University (Buenos Aires) and in courses of Cultural Management in the National University of Tres de Febrero (Buenos Aires Province).


Jorge Haro




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