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Ewa Justka

Hostující umělec

Ewa Justka ( born in 1989) is a polish electronic artist based in London. She currently studies BA Sound Arts & Design at London College of Communication.

Justka’s main field of research is based on exploration of materiality of objects, vibrant, ontological systems (human bodies, the bodies of plants, electronic circuits: varied range of micro and macro environments and relation between them) and an investigation of modes of quasi-direct perception through noise performance actions, interactive installation, hardware hacking, circuit bending, accordion stretching, plants-molesting, breaking, deconstructing and collaborating. In her artistic work Ewa attempts to explore the concept of physicality of objects through creation of an instant interactions between them.

In her residency project “The Sense of Touch” Ewa Justka will investigate the senses using three main ways: exploring sonority of objects, integrating acoustic and electronic instruments and experimenting with light.

“Can senses be felt? Do they feel that they can’t be? Is there a purity of each sense, or would there be no vision without a trace of touch, no touch without a trace of taste, and so on? - Is there a language without a trace of one or the other? But then: how are the senses shared with regard to art? These are the questions which I will attempt to answer.” (E.J.)

Ewa Justka is supported by Visegrad Artist Residency Program - Visual&Sound Arts.


Ewa Justka




sound art, electronic music