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Péter Szabó

Hostující umělec

Péter Szabó (born 1978 in Rumania) is intermedia and conceptual artist, lives and works in Hungary. He studied at University of Fine and Applicative Arts in Cluj-Napoca, Romania and at Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts in Budapest, works with large scale of media, including drawing, object, installation and public action, often commenting recent political and social situation in Hungary. His present work focuses on the social and economic value of art, creating public-art events, community building and educational projects as well. Péter Szabó widely participated in different residential programs across Europe (Great Britain, Germany, Romania, Austria, Poland), exhibited also in Czech republic, Slovakia and Spain.

In his residency project “My Last three years” Péter Szabó will continue his interest about the social, political and economical questions of today´s Hungary, approaching them trough the situations from his personal life. He will work on drawing-book, or a newspaper-like publication, collecting and analyzing the public happenings of the last three years. Drawings, based on collection of photos of such events, will deal with political pressure, social exclusion, political image building, and economical questions in today´s Hungary. The author wants to focus on the reaction of people to the present sociopolitical functioning machinery in forms of organized street demonstrations and on creative ideas of people’s performativity. The publication will be cheap and accessible for people from all social levels and is planned to be spread on streets.

Péter Szabó is supported by Visegrad Artist Residency Program - Visual&Sound Arts. visegradfund.org/residencies/varp.




conceptual art, installation, social action, drawing